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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Trucking Payroll Software

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When choosing trucking payroll software, there are some factors to consider. These factors may include price, integrations with mileage tracking systems, and qualified employees. You can also speak to other truckers in the industry to get their feedback. It is also important to know how to use online payroll services before making a decision.

Qualified Employees

It’s vital to choose a trucking payroll service with features that meet the needs of your trucking company. Some trucking payroll software solutions offer a full suite of features, including payroll, 401(k), employee benefits, and monitoring federal and state taxes. These features can help you keep track of your truckers’ labor costs.

When choosing a trucking payroll software, ensure it can handle large-scale payroll. This software should have features that help companies manage employee schedules and avoid mistakes. Some trucking payroll software features include geofencing, mobile punch, automated settlement processes, and IFTA reporting. Many trucking businesses need specialized trucking payroll services. They must track fleet maintenance and manage fuel, and they also need software that can automatically track IFTA tracking.

Integrations with Third-Party Mileage Tracking Systems

If your company pays its drivers based on miles, choosing a trucking payroll software with a built-in mileage tracker is essential. Several mileage tracking systems are on the market. Regardless of your choice, you should consider your company’s payroll needs and pain points before committing to a single solution.

Using payroll software can help you track your driver’s time and ensure they get paid correctly. These systems offer on-demand reports, scheduled reports, and alerts. They also give drivers reminders and can even send them notifications.


When deciding on the best trucking payroll software, it’s important to look beyond price alone. Features such as ease of use and integrated payroll processing are important for a trucking company. ]Trucking payroll software offering these features will be more efficient and convenient.

Depending on your company’s needs, trucking payroll software can include additional features, such as mobile apps and services that work without an Internet connection. It may also offer automated settlement processes, direct deposits to bank accounts, and help with IFTA reporting. Trucking payroll software is also designed to address the unique needs of trucking companies, such as managing fuel management and fleet maintenance. Trucking payroll software should also include features such as IFTA tracking, which is essential when drivers cross international borders.


Choosing the right trucking payroll software is critical to the success of any trucking company. This software should be easy to use, save time for your HR department, and offer a variety of helpful features. This will make it easier for you to focus on your clients rather than processing payroll.

The best trucking payroll software should integrate well with your TMS. Trucking companies generally pay their drivers per mile, so you need payroll software to track your drivers’ miles. It would help if you also chose a trucking payroll software that offers built-in IFTA tracking, IRS-compliant reports, and tracking for trucking fuel card expenses. Before choosing a trucking payroll software, consider your pain points and your company’s needs. Once you have identified those, you can choose software that minimizes your pain points and helps you run your business more efficiently.

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