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The Top Three Aspects You Shouldn’t Forget when Creating a Label for Your Product

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Coming up with a label for your product takes time and effort and a lot of creative and practical thinking. You do, after all, have to compete with a plethora of other labels on the market, particularly if you have a food product. Your product label needs to grab attention – and retain it enough in order for consumers to ultimately buy what you are offering. So how do you make sure that your product label stands out? Aside from the style, copy, and main message, there are other aspects you should think about as well. Here are the top three aspects you shouldn’t forget when creating a label for your product.

  • Materials and printing

You should also think carefully about the materials and printing you will use for your label. You do have a lot of options, so this is something that should be relatively easy to decide – but you still have to decide how the materials and printing will affect how your product will be perceived. For example, labels need not be glossy all the time, especially if you feel that your product would look better when it’s understated and subtle. Your other options include embossing as well as foil blocking, which can add another dimension to your product, particularly if you want to present your product as luxurious.

Despite all your options, you have to think about how the label will be printed – as well as how it will feel as a customer touches and handles it. An experienced labelling service, particularly one which can provide you with perfectly-suited labelling machinery, should be able to give you advice on the proper materials and printing for your labels.

  • Think about the selection

Another aspect you may have to think about is the selection. If you are planning to have a range or selection of products in the near future, you may have to think about consistency throughout your brand. Even if you are only coming up with one label for one product for now, think about the elements which can show consistency throughout your entire range. For example, if you would like to have more flavours in the future, think about the colours that would suit your flavours and how these will affect your design.

Consistency can also be applied to the copy space – the space where the description of the product or its name will be displayed; you may want to keep this in the same area across all your labels.

  • Bring in the professionals

You may want to consider bringing in the professionals such as a design firm or agency; your label, after all, is an investment, and you would want your investment to pay off. They can, at the very least, give you a different perspective and an objective viewpoint.


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