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Cool merchandise ideas

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Customers love receiving free merchandise, especially if it is an attractive and useful item from a favorite brand. However, customers may quickly get bored by the plethora of customized pens, mugs, and tote bags on the market, and as such you might like to think outside the box when it comes to your own merchandising. Making sure that promotional items are attractive, useful, and not overtly promotional are key points for producing merch that customers actually want and will use. Here are some cool merchandise ideas for your brand.

  1. Hoodies

Whether cozing up on the sofa, throwing on to go grocery shopping, or wearing post-workout, most people have a use for a hoodie in their wardrobe. Create your own branded hoodie that customers will love to wear. You could offer it in several different brand-complimentary colors for customers to choose from, and collaborate with a designer to come up with a cool hoodie design. Bear in mind the type of fabric used – artificial fibres like polyester might be cheap, but they are also unbreathable, meaning that it quickly becomes sweaty and uncomfortable to wear. Choose cotton instead, as this natural fibre is breathable and helps to keep the wearer cool.

  1. Water bottles

With an increased focus on health, wellbeing, and environmentalism, many people – especially Millennials and Gen Z – are looking to increase their water consumption by carrying eco-conscious water bottles. As such, your own branded water bottle is sure to be a big hit with customers. Consider the material of your water bottle – BPA-free plastic is a great non-toxic, reusable alternative to standard single-use plastics, and glass and stainless-steel water bottles are eco-friendly and help to keep the water cool. Add a protective colored silicone sleeve with your business’s logo, and you have got a branded water bottle that customers will love. Visit anthembranding.com for more information. 

  1. Custom earbud cases

Many people carry earbuds with them, allowing them to listen to music, watch, videos, and take phone calls when out in public. However, they can quickly become tangled and dirty – and even lost – when thrown into a bag. Earbud cases are a great way to safely store these little items, and they can easily be customized to reflect your brand. Offer a selection of brand-complimentary color choices for customers to choose from, complete with your logo. Customers will not want to miss out on this useful piece of cool merchandise.

  1. Bandanas

Baseball caps and beanies are both popular merchandising options and it is no wonder – hats can be worn in any weather and they easily complete an outfit. However, you could think outside the box and offer a customized bandana. Simply a small square of easily customizable fabric, bandanas are primarily used as a head covering, but they can be adapted for many other uses. For example, they can be tied around the neck as a neckerchief or used to wrap loose produce at the farmers’ market, oryour customized bandana could be a stylish accessory for a lucky dog.

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