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Easy ways to improve staff productivity

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The old adage that time is money may be a little clichéd, but it’s true. This means that any time your employees waste will be eating into your profits. Luckily, there are simple ways to improve staff productivity, and here are some are the best.

Invest in suitable storage

No one can work efficiently if they continually find themselves searching for lost documents and other important resources amid piles of paperwork. This is why effective storage is a must in offices, and plenty of it. As workplace furnishing specialists Furniture At Work™ point out, filing cabinets are a popular solution. Other useful storage systems include drawers, lockers and shelves. Meanwhile, if you’re a little lacking in square footage, try using space saving solutions like under-desk pedestals and full-height cabinets. By making sure your employees have designated places to store their resources, you can help them to stay organized and work more quickly.

Ensure your seating is spot on

The quality of your office chairs could also have an impact on how effectively your staff members function. After all, substandard seating can increase people’s risk of suffering a range of health problems, including bad backs and sore necks. When you’re on the lookout for new chairs, make sure you select versions that provide enough support to the lower back and have padded edges to prevent uncomfortable pressure being exerted on the thighs. Your seats should also be height adjustable.

Use office screens to limit sound levels

Like most modern workspaces, your office might be open plan. This can be great for encouraging collaboration between your employees, but it’s not so advantageous when it comes to helping staff members concentrate. In fact, one of the most common gripes among workers today is excessive noise levels. Highlighting this point, a study conducted by Jungsoo Kim and Richard de Dear at the University of Sydney suggested that around a quarter of office-based employees are dissatisfied with the levels of sound in their workspaces. A simple way to solve this problem is to incorporate screens into your office. It’s now possible to purchase versions with foam cushioning for maximum sound absorbency, and you can get a mixture of desk and floor screens.

Offer suitable tech

Be sure to provide your personnel with suitable technology too. Depending on the nature of the work they do, this could be anything from desktop PCs to laptops, tablets, smartphones and wearable computers. Having access to the right devices and IT systems can speed up a whole host of tasks and make it easier for people to be as productive as possible both inside and outside the office.

By following simple but effective tips like these, you may be able to raise the output of your employees and give your bottom line a welcome boost in the process.

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