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Starting an eCommerce Business in 2021: What You Need to Know

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The past year pushed more people online than ever before. The more people who become comfortable with technology, the more people will use it for business and professional needs. Many new businesses sprung up last year to fill needs for both customers and business owners. Ecommerce businesses are some of the easiest businesses to set up from nothing as anyone has access to the digital tools required. However, just because anyone can start an eCommerce business does not mean that all new businesses will find success.

There is an incredible noise ceiling to break through and countless businesses with more resources to compete against in a space with so few barriers to entry. When you start a new eCommerce business in 2021, there are some standards the industry expects and using best practices that will make your life easier. While there is no master guide to eCommerce business, some of the best tips and tricks for new businesses in 2021 are explained below.

Website First Impression And Useability

All eCommerce businesses rely on a website for at least some tasks. Many businesses will have their online store on the same domain as the company website, which means customers do not need to search out or use a separate platform like Amazon to buy your products. However, before a customer reaches the stage where they buy a product, you must pass the first impression and website useability tests.

You only have one chance at a first impression with your website, and if the design is outdated or not user-friendly, customers will not return to give you a second chance. Long page load times, broken links, poor text formatting or wrapping, and bad site navigation systems can sink an eCommerce business regardless of its products. If customers never make it past the first impression or first experience with your UX, very few customers will ever make it to checkout.

Focus on making your website friendly, informative, and easy to use. Customers should be able to instantly tell the name of your company, your general industry and navigate the site to find the desired information painlessly. It may be tempting to use a flashy design or word art, and while you want your brand’s website to be memorable, you want it to be memorable for good aspects. Simplicity is often the best path because there are fewer places where things can go wrong. Focus on image optimization to reduce page load times without scraping your high-quality product images, monitor for broken links, and do test runs of your UX to see what it is like as a customer rather than always looking from the business side.

Use Various Outreach Methods

Once you have a stable website, you need people to visit it. Marketing is not a straightforward effort, and no single approach will get you the results you want. The complexity and variations within marketing might be intimidating, but the different outreach methods will garner different results. Using marketing methods is similar to using the right tool for the job.

You can technically hammer a nail with a screwdriver, but there are better ways to get the job done. Do not turn to SEO marketing for fast results, as direct response marketing is a better tool for that specific goal. Make full use of the range of outreach and marketing methods so you can attract the most customers possible while setting your business up for the future. Social media posts paid ads, email newsletters, physical mailers, and more are all valuable tools you can and should use.

Good Customer Service Will Win You More Customers

Customer service is one of the last stages in a transaction, but it is still essential for your business. Customers believe other customers and rely on word of mouth from trusted sources more than they will ever trust brand advertising. If a customer leaves your customer service experience with positive interaction, they will likely recommend your business to other people. Take care of your customers even after you have their money, and they will reward you with positive and free marketing.

Starting a new eCommerce business in 2021 requires a lot of learning so your business can survive the growing marketplace. There is no way to cover every element of starting an online business, but there are some general expectations any digital business should follow. Make your website easy to use and clear, so customers are not put off by technical issues or overdone design. Put the various outreach and marketing methods to work so you always have more customers coming in. Make customer service a priority, and you will enjoy the positive word of mouth that you can only earn rather than buy.

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