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Fun Games to Play at Your Holiday Party

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Are you planning a holiday get-together at your house or one of the beautiful Cheshire hotels? Keep your guests happy and entertained by having some fun Christmas themed games and activities at your party. There are lots of great games that you can play that will break the ice and get everyone in a fun mood, so here are some ideas to get you started.

Hot Potato Present

Start with a small gift and wrap it over and over again with multiple layers of wrapping paper – perhaps even putting it into subsequently bigger boxes or containers. Have everyone sit in a circle. The first person starts unwrapping the gift and the person next to them is rolling a pair of dice.

If they get doubles, the first person has to pass along the gift so that they can start unwrapping it. The dice get passed on to the next person, who tries to roll doubles so that they can get the gift. The winner is the person who is holding the gift when the last layer of wrapping paper is taken off. This is a very thrilling and fast paced game and it’s a lot of fun to play! To make it even more challenging, you can require the participants to wear gloves when they are trying to unwrap the presents.

Snowman Building Contest

If you live in an area with a lot of snow, you could arrange a snowman building contest at your holiday party. Have all of your guests try their hand at snowman building and then have everyone vote on who has made the best snowy sculpture.

The Santa Hat Game

This game is a lot of fun and it is very simple to play. At the beginning of the party everyone is given a Santa Hat to wear. Tell everyone that they cannot take their hat off until you have and that the last person wearing a Santa hat is the loser. Let everyone get distracted with conversation, music, games, etc. An hour or so later, you can remove your hat without saying a word. People will slowly catch on and remove their hats as well. Some person who is not paying much attention will be the last one to notice – so make sure that you have a humorous punishment for them!

Santa Belly Limbo

Having a limbo competition is a lot of fun, so that you can see how low you can go! Make your limbo competition more challenging while giving it a holiday twist by turning it into Santa Belly Limbo. Give everyone a large Santa belly by strapping a pillow around their waist with a belt. The belly will not only look hilarious, but it will make it more challenging for them to get under the limbo pole.

Christmas Themed Quiz

Why not organise a fun quiz for your holiday party? You could research the questions yourself, or print off one of the many pre-written quizzes that can be found online. You can divide everyone up into teams and then have a prize for the team with the best score.

The White Elephant Gift Exchange

Generally a white elephant party needs a minimum of six participants, but it can work with slightly larger groups as well. To play this game, everyone needs to bring one wrapped gift. Let your guests know in advance so that they can prepare and give them a budget so that all of the gifts will be of similar value. The gifts don’t have to be fancy or expensive, it’s better if they are silly and fun as the point of this game is for the entertainment value. Sometimes the game is played with items from around the house that you no longer use but might be useful to another person.

The gifts are placed in the middle of the room and the first person opens a wrapped gift. The next person can choose to either “steal” the unwrapped gift of person 1, or unwrap something else. If your gift is stolen, you can choose to unwrap another gift or steal from another player. There are many different variations on the rules, such as restrictions on the number of “steals” allowed per turn.

These are just a few ideas for fun games that you can play at your next holiday party at one of the many great Christmas party venues in Chester.

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