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How to Keep Your Business Physically Safe

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While more and more businesses around the world might be moving towards a digital presence, there are still a lot of places out there that need physical solutions in order to stay safe. This could be because you are handling large amounts of cash or your office has a lot of top-secret information stored on its hard drives — either way, this makes you vulnerable to people breaking in and stealing your items. As a result, this guide has been created to recommend a whole raft of measures that you could put in place to keep your business physically safe. Read on now in order to learn more.

Anti-Loitering Alarms

Loitering, which can be a crime in some states, is first in a slippery slope towards full-blown crime. This is especially true when you have gangs of youths loitering outside of your office. Make them aware that your office is a no-go area by installing anti-loitering alarms outside your office. Available to be controlled either remotely or via a timer, they emit a high-frequency sound that only people under the age of twenty-five can hear. While not harmful, it is annoying enough to prompt them to leave your vicinity. You can learn more over at Mosquito Loitering Solutions.

Security Guards

As one of the first ports of call against people breaking into your premises, you should definitely think about deploying trained and accredited security guards. As a physical barrier between the inside and outside of your building, they will be able to quickly apprehend anyone who breaks into the building or at least be able to alert the police as quickly as possible. This will likely be an expensive solution, but is nothing compared to the amount of money you might lose if someone breaks in.

CCTV Cameras

To be able to observe the premises no matter where in the world you are, it is essential that you install high-tech security cameras. This means that if you see anyone loitering around the area before a break-in, you can identify them. Make sure that you have the cameras installed both inside and outside and to make ensure that there are no blind spots.

Train Your Staff

Often when it comes to workplace security, the most vulnerable attack vector is your staff. Make sure to run a dedicated training day where you school your staff on the importance of workplace safety, teaching them concepts such as the importance of locking up when they leave. Also, it’s important to double-check your security staff, as they can, like this man, facilitate what’s known as an inside job.

Unbreakable Safes

The final layer of security for your company’s valuables are high-security safes that only you know the code to. That way, only you will be able to access these important items. Make sure to invest in the latest, highest-security safe possible so even the most sophisticated of burglars are unable to break into it. This can be complemented with motion sensors in the same room, making it basically impossible for anyone to get into the safe’s contents.

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