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How to Assess Your Business’s Security Needs

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When properly running a business, the topic of security will always come up at some point or another. Being able to guarantee that patrons are protected and products are not compromised is a crucial element of building or sustaining a successful company. Being able to properly assess your business’s security needs and find security solutions that address those needs is key to having a well-protected business. While it’s important to create security procedures upon opening the business, your business’s security systems should also be updated and based on current trends. Explore these tips for learning how to assess your business’s security needs so you can set your customers and products up for success.

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First Things First: Every Business is Different

The requirements of a business’s security are completely dependent on the complexities and intricacies of the company’s operations. While a small ice cream shop may need a few security cameras, a department store in a sprawling city would likely need to consider hiring security guards to monitor customer behaviors and assure that products are not stolen or damaged. Making security-related decisions shouldn’t be based on the owner’s perception of safety, but rather the business’s practical demands and realistic needs for additional protection. When assessing your business’s security procedures, it will always come down to the people visiting your business and the place in which they’re visiting. Dedicating enough time to consider the property and the people that support the business will save you money in the long run.

What to Consider While Assessing Security Needs

There are a few factors that will play the largest role in determining what your business needs to be properly secure. Some of the biggest questions to ask before investing in security solutions include:

  • How big is the property of the business?
  • How much inventory is being displayed for sale?
  • How many employees are typically staffed?
  • What pre-existing security systems are in place that might need to be updated?
  • Are the existing security protocols being followed?

Common Business Security Methods

Before investing in security solutions, make sure to do a thorough walkthrough of the property (including exterior areas) to look into any potential risks and prioritize which risks need to be addressed first. While the unique features of your business will ultimately determine what security procedures and systems are in place, there are common security methods that every business should consider using.

Security Guarding

A helpful way to assure yourself that there is a reliable person keeping an eye on things is by hiring security personnel to monitor your business. This can be done simply, by either having a guard patrol who enters the business at the entrance or by setting up a security guard booth for a guard to monitor specific areas or surveillance systems. Hiring security guards will guarantee that you can focus on the business side of things while they focus on protection.

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Video Surveillance Systems

A security measure that is at this point almost commonplace and expected within any business is a video surveillance system. Especially helpful for businesses that serve a large number of patrons in a given day, it’s crucial to be able to monitor who is entering your business for multiple reasons. Not only does it help when addressing securing issues, but it also provides peace of mind to anyone that may have security concerns while inside your business. Investing in a trustworthy and modern video surveillance system is a true gamechanger for your business’s security.

High-Security Locks

An important element of securing your business is making sure that when there are no employees present there can still be the promise of protection. A security feature that should be regularly updated is the business’s lock system. Gone are the days of simply having a key to your kingdom, it’s now a much better idea to invest in high-security locks which often feature keypads with a code you can give to the most trusted employees.

Security-Based Employee Training

Along the same line of making sure things are secure when team members are absent, providing security based training and prioritizing safety and trust in the workspace is a crucial element of providing relief to you as a business owner. Being able to reduce workplace theft and have a well-rounded and modernized security system that encourages employee respect for protocol is an important step toward securing your business.

Protect Your Business to Protect Your Livelihood

When you invest in the security measures within your business, you’re investing in a bright future for your business. Being able to properly protect your customers, your employees, and your product is a promise that every business should be able to make. While assessing your business’s security measures may seem like a daunting task at first, the ability to feel secure and safe in your workplace will always make the effort worthwhile in the end. Consider these tips for assessing workplace security to assure your business, and yourself, that everything is in safe hands.

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