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How to Make a Career out of Your Passion

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Take two random successful people, regardless of what they are successful in, and they will have one thing in common: they have turned their passion into a career. For instance, actors love to act, businesspeople love to run businesses, music producers love the world of music. If you hope that a music business degree will get you into the field of music, therefore, you must be realistic and understand that it will only work if you are also truly passionate about this field of work.

Having a Passion for Music

Now let’s say that your passion is indeed in music, you then have to start thinking about how you will make that into a decent career. The music industry is not just about performing artists. And it also isn’t all about luck. After all, when you consider everybody always says that it is very hard to earn a living as a musician, it makes you wonder why new musicians seem to appear all the time. And these musicians win Grammys, are constantly on MTV, and have screaming teenagers all around them! It is certainly true that millions of dollars can be made in the music industry, but if you believe that you are one of those that will make those millions, you’re going to end up being disappointed. While it does happen, it is incredibly rare.

One of the key reasons why a lot of musicians find it difficult to turn their passion into a career, is because they don’t understand business. This is why a music business degree is so beneficial, as it teaches you the ins and outs of the world of music. However, what a lot of people have found is that, when they complete a degree in music, they become interested in the actual business itself, rather than in the performance side. But that is ok as well, because music business is an excellent career choice, possibly a million dollar one, and one into which you can incorporate your music as well.

Musicians don’t generally like to do anything that isn’t in direct relation to them playing their instrument. They don’t want to fill in paperwork, read letters, post demos, or read contracts. They want to sign a contract, find inspiration from a beach front property in Laguna Beach, with the occasional live stage performance. If this is the attitude you take towards your career, however, you probably won’t get very far.

If, however, you are truly interested in music, and you are truly passionate about it, your goal will be to turn this into a career, be that on stage or off stage. You could teach music, manage bands, market music, get involved in radio, write about music, and so on. With a music business degree, you can truly do anything you want, and that is what will end up making you successful as well. How you measure success is a personal choice, but by studying, you massively increase your chances of getting to that point.

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