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Partner with an SEO Provider in Bangkok to Reach Your Audience

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You’ve set up a website for your brand, and you’re now in the process of looking for a digital marketing agency in Bangkok with which to partner. But there’s still a bit of confusion about how a Bangkok SEO company fits into this new push into digital marketing. You know that SEO is vital to your website and your foray into digital marketing, but the specifics are all a bit of a blur.

Do I Need Both an SEO and Digital Marketing Company?

If you’ve chosen a quality digital marketing agency, no. Digital marketing and SEO go hand in hand, and every competent digital marketing agency is also an SEO company. They’ll have a department of SEO specialists to support the activities of the marketers.

Think of SEO as the concrete foundation of a digital marketing house. Digital marketing is no good without a website to drive traffic to. And that website cannot perform like it’s supposed to without an ongoing programme of SEO. The reason SEO is not more widely known is that it’s the mechanical side of digital marketing. The purpose of SEO is to perform ongoing site maintenance, perform activities to consistently raise the website’s ranking, and collect data on the marketing activities.

SEO is Invaluable in Increasing Brand Awareness

But all these mechanical activities are crucial to your site’s performance. They refresh the content on your site and add keywords that people use in their searches to find products and services like those your brand offers.

They also conduct link-building campaigns, which are extremely time-consuming but vital in expanding your audience into new demographics and regions.

But the main work of their day is maintaining your website’s ranking and making it among the first sites a user sees when searching for products like yours.

Doing this work well requires skilled research to discover the reason for trends that skew the rankings within a product category. They may discover a promotion by one of your competitors that’s the reason why your brand’s website ranking has fallen. In this case, they can perform an adjustment on the keywords on some content to counteract this fall and restore your ranking.

This type of balancing act is an everyday occurrence in the SEO world. The rules of Google’s best practices mean that the internet is supposed to offer a level playing field to all businesses. In practice, SEO seeks to give partner businesses an advantage in their product category.

The fact is that your competitors also have SEO companies that are doing the same thing for their websites, and you can begin to understand why the internet is as dynamic and competitive as it is. You can also understand why a comprehensive SEO programme is so crucial.

To ensure that your brand stays on top of the rankings in your product category, please contact Primal, an SEO and digital marketing agency in Bangkok. We’re an experienced agency that offers every service required in digital marketing and SEO. We can be your partner in Bangkok and increase your brand awareness as well as your conversion rates.

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