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Top Four Ways to Become a Trusted Leader

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Leadership is easy to attain and difficult to master, just like defensive driving. Study after study is done to find the most effective methods and techniques. If you find yourself in a leadership position, or if you hope to at a later date, you’ll want to think about some of the more important principles to hit the ground running. After a lot of research, this simple list has been compiled to help you focus on the most important starting point. These are the four key ways to get your followers to trust you.

Embrace Failure

This might sound like a cross between counterintuitive advice and an attempt to be edgy. The simple truth is that strength, experience and confidence are forged through failure more than success. That said, if failure goes too far, it can break an organization or group. The core concept behind this strategy is to know where you can afford to take more risk, and then take it. More importantly, let your subordinates take the risk. Let them try their creativity. Let them pour their passion into their project. Because you can afford failure, it won’t require reprimand. This will let your teams develop in ways that are impossible when risks are always averted or minimized, and the more risk you grant to your team, the more trust you are showing them.

Achieve Transparency

Working effectively with other people boils down to a simple concept: trust. Far and away the best way to achieve trust is through transparency. Let your people know why you make decisions. If you can’t, whether because of time constraints or other barriers, offer a reason why. Here’s an easy example. Let’s say an employee has a medical condition that prevents them from carrying out certain tasks, but ethically you can’t explain that to their peers. Instead you can simply inform those peers that your hands are tied by confidentiality. You haven’t broken the trust or revealed information that should remain secret, but you have still maintained transparency. This foundation will help all of your subordinates to communicate better in general and work together more seamlessly.

Be Yourself

This stems from the same basic idea as transparency. As a leader, you will be tempted to hide a lot of yourself. You’ll want to avoid showing weakness or indecision, and while those are justifiable goals, if you aren’t yourself, it will show. You can expand on your foundation of trust by aiming to be yourself and respond naturally to the situations that arrive. This isn’t an excuse to stop bettering yourself. If you know you have a short temper, for example, then you should continue to reign it in. Still, when you fake it for the sake of appearance, intuitions will notice and it will hurt the bonds of trust.

Pursue Simplicity

There are any number of reasons to keep things simple. It avoids confusions and mistakes for starters. In the theme of building your leadership around the concept of trust, simplicity helps you achieve sincerity. Studies have shown that people like to complicate situations or explanations in order to make themselves feel more important. This is even more pronounced among leaders. You can transcend those mistakes and always strive for simplicity to improve clarity and effectively humble yourself. The earnest approach will make you more relatable and easier to follow.

Are you tired of hearing about trust yet? That’s ok. The techniques are easy enough if you can commit to them. Ultimately, if you can remember to treat your people like, well, people then you’ll be on the right foot. Also remember that these techniques will help your relationship with yourself. As a leader, you have to embrace failure to move forward. You have to be honest with yourself, and you have to keep your goals simple. Don’t fret too much and you’ll figure it out.

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