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Ways To Compete With Industry Leaders

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It is hard for a business to compete with the industry leaders when they have the prestige, resources and money to dominate. While we might not be able to match the industry leaders, there is a lot that a smaller company can to do compete to and lure customers to your brand. Small businesses can actually perform better in some areas, so it is key to lean into these areas and find the best ways to make your business more appealing to your target customer. Here are a few of the best ways that a smaller business can start competing with the industry leaders.

Find A Gap In The Market

The best way to compete at the highest possible level is to find a gap in the market. This is not always easy, but it is important to realize that markets change over time so occasionally there will be a chance to identify a gap in the market and seize new opportunities. The pandemic has changed just about every industry and could create new opportunities going forward, so try to think about what your target customer’s needs are and find ways to meet these.

Make Customer Service A Priority

Small businesses often lean on their customer service as a way to compete and this is smart. Larger businesses can struggle with customer service due to the sheer size of them, which means that people often fall through the cracks, have to wait for replies and speak to many people. Make sure that your business is easy to contact, responsive and always willing to go the extra mile for your customers, and you should start to develop a positive reputation and attract more customers.


It is hard to compete online against the industry leaders and more established companies, especially when it comes to the search engine results lists. A smart way to get your brand noticed and to compete with the industry leaders is PPC, which can instantly increase your visibility and direct more traffic to your website. The key to success is finding a digital marketing agency that specializes in PPC, such as Made by Factory.

Create Useful Content

Every brand creates content as a way to increase their visibility online, but this content can be easy to ignore when it is generic. Smaller companies can get noticed, improve their reputation and attract new customers when they are creating content that will actually add value and be helpful for their target customer. This means that you need to have a strong understanding of your target customer, come up with good content ideas and find ways to bring content to life.

Customer Referrals

It will always be hard to compete with industry leaders and to get your business noticed, but it can be much easier when you are being recommended by your existing customers. Starting a referral program can be a smart way to attract customers that would have been hard to reach otherwise and improve your brand reputation.

These tips should help you to start competing at a higher level and challenge the industry leaders.

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