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What to know when moving to Australia

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When you move or relocate to any country, it calls for a complete change in your mindset as you need to accept new cultures and adapt yourselves for the same. Moving to Australia is no exception to this rule. Australia is a diverse country which has lots of cultures co-existing in perfect harmony with each other. Financial institutions are well-structured, so you will not find any problems while opening a bank account here.  When you move here for a longer or permanent term, you might want to construct your home in the country. There are many well-respected and recognised lenders in Australia that offer various types of home loans for you. You can get fixed and variable home loan interest rates with from a well-known companies. Through their fixed rate home loans scheme, Some companies offers you the freedom to fix your interest rate anywhere between 1 and ten years!

Apart from finances, here are some of the points that you need to be aware of while moving to Australia:

  1. Climate

Australia gets very hot during summers. The temperature hovers around 30 to 40 degrees Celsius and can cause sunburns for you if you are not wearing a good sunscreen lotion. Wearing a good sunblock becomes mandatory in Australia, even if you have no plans to venture out into the beach.

  1. Communication

Australians love to talk. They are very friendly people and can strike up conversations with complete strangers at public places. If you think your idea of a holiday would be just to head to your nearest café and enjoy a book all by yourself, you should probably drop that idea, as Australia is not the place for it. You will find people coming and talking to your voluntarily just about anything under the sun. So, be prepared to talk a lot when you move to this beautiful country.

  1. Accent

The Australian accent is not as easy to comprehend as the American or British accent. You can always interrupt people in between and ask them what they mean if you are not sure of anything. Australians know that their accent is quite difficult for first-timers, so they are happy to explain. As you start moving with Australians closely and spending more time with them, you will start picking up their accents well.

  1. Sports

Australia is one of those few countries in the world that are passionate about sports. Cricket, tennis and football are followed with great vigour and passion in this country. If you can talk at length about at least one of these sports, you can settle well in Australia. Even on a weekday, you would find the world-famous MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) and SCG (Sydney Cricket Ground) stadiums filled with thousands of people to watch their favourite stars in action. There are many football leagues within Australia, and you will find hundreds of supports for each of these leagues. Sport is something that unites people of all ages in this country.

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