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Content Marketing: Thinking in Stories


Description: These days, having an effective content marketing strategy goes a long ways. With the accessibility of information on the Internet and the many social media networks, consumers crave relevant and informative content.

The best way to market and get your business in the limelight is to produce articles and visuals that highlight your products, services and industry knowledge.

Did you know that having an active company blog can generate up to 97 percent more leads? Producing relevant content is the number three reason people follow brands on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus, etc.

If you are producing more ads than anything else, be aware that seven out of 10 consumers prefer to learn about a company based on their content, rather than ads. Of those, 61 percent of consumers will do more business with a company that delivers custom content.

It goes to say that content is king in the marketing world. It’s time to satisfy your target audience and deliver content that meets their needs and expectations. Do more than talk to them; engage with them on a more dynamic level. Effective content marketing is great for SEO, enhancing brand awareness, customer acquisition and maintaining existing customers.

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