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How Do We Address the Persistent Lack of Automotive Technicians?

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The continuing shortage of auto technicians in our nation is an issue that needs to be addressed. As more and more vehicles are manufactured, the need for qualified auto technicians to maintain them is growing. There are several ways this issue can be addressed, for instance, by increasing the number of service parts and labor sales and increasing the customer satisfaction rate in the field.

Increasing Service Parts And Labor Sales And Customer Satisfaction

The continuing shortage of auto technicians is a perplexing dilemma. It is estimated that the industry will need approximately 642,000 new technicians over the next decade. The auto sector will require 76,000 new hires annually to meet this demand.

As automakers look to address this labor shortfall, many have opted to offer higher wages and additional benefits to retain their employees. Fortunately, this approach has been practical. Auto repair shops and other types of employers like Welch careers can now provide a range of compensation options to workers, including bonuses for overtime.

Having a clear picture of who you are providing services to is critical. When you demonstrate how your business can help your customers extend the lifespan of their vehicles, you’ll build trust and loyalty.

To reach a profitable mix of labor and parts, auto dealers should achieve a 40% parts-to-labor ratio. Their dealerships will retain approximately $2,961 in parts and service revenue daily if they accomplish this.

Career Advancement System

There is a plethora of career advancement programs aplenty, but one of the more illustrative is the job of a service technician. This job requires many of the same skills found in other professions, but with an added bonus of being able to work with vehicles of all sorts. A service technician may be called upon to perform a multitude of tasks daily.

As such, it pays to be well-versed in what the industry offers. If you are a high schooler looking to start your career, consider taking a look at an apprenticeship program. The benefits of doing so are many and varied. You can be sure that you’ll be well on your way to a fulfilling career in the automotive industry. For more information, check out https://welchcareers.com/auto-mechanic-jobs to find job opportunities. One of the best things about this industry is that it is relatively uncomplicated to break into.

Increasing Interest in Transportation Technology Work

New transportation technologies are emerging to meet the challenges of today’s transportation environment. These include vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communication and connected vehicles, allowing real-time traffic management and crash reduction capabilities. They will also save billions of dollars in future infrastructure expansion.

Transportation agencies must balance equity and innovation in their designs to keep mobility ecosystems running smoothly. This requires a data-driven approach to prioritizing investment decisions. Additionally, cybersecurity must be integrated into the design stage.

New federal funding will provide a strong impetus for testing new technologies, such as self-driving and connected vehicle technologies. It will also help transportation leaders to address the challenges associated with scaling successful pilots.

The US Department of Transportation provides $38 billion through its Complete Trip ITS4US Deployment Program to promote independent mobility for all Americans. It also encourages the design of “complete streets,” including sidewalks, bike lanes, and transit centers.

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